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CO Ink Distributions

Printhead Cleaning Service

At CO Ink Distributions we are passionate about inkjet, and we know there is nothing more annoying than a printhead that isn’t firing perfectly.

We use a tech grade Epson specific 2-pyrrolidone printhead cleaning solution that we custom manufacture to meet our specific needs. We use a reverse vacuum system to clean your Epson printhead which allows us to remove pigment and debris from the way in came in, instead of trying to force it through the nozzles.

The great thing about our printhead cleaning service is that you only pay for success, this is because we only charge you for the % of nozzles that we are able to recover!

Its as easy as shipping your head to us, and we ship it back. This way you can keep an extra printhead and cycle them to eliminate the concept of downtime entirely. This is our vision of inkjet perfection.

We clean most all Epson printheads, including but certainly not limited to: Epson i3200, i1600, XP600, DX5, DX6, DX7, DX8, DX9, DX10, DX11, etc.

Our pricing ranges from $129-$690 depending on the head.

We make printhead cleaning simple. Get a quote from us, mail your printhead in to us, one of our inkjet technicians will clean it, bill you upon completion, and then ship it back to you.

We will deduct a percentage off of your quote based on the amount of unrecoverable nozzles. Example: If we are only able to recover 90% of your printhead nozzles, we will deduct 10% off your original quote.

There is no deposit required for printhead cleaning, but we do require payment before we ship it back to you!

By Phone (Non-Robot Direct line, 7 Days/Week)

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