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About TexPro DTF Ink

We are well known for developing and white labeling the highest grade digital textile inks to OEMs, but with our latest development TexPro Ultra Premium Direct-To-Film Ink, we have completely shattered all expectations and created a DTF ink that is no short of a true innovation in graphic textile printing. Being that there is not a DTF ink that actually performs in all the ways we wish it would, we set out on a 16 month mission to change this. An ink that is so soft its closest relative is silicone, pigmentation that is so high we hit a 87.9 white opacity, and color vibrancy and chroma that is beyond impressive yet maintains a beautiful matte appearance – even with ultra thin layering.

Click here to visit the TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Ink product page for specs and ordering.

Founded by a DTF inkjet technician and developed alongside a team of PhD ink chemists, TexPro Ultra Premium DTF ink prides itself on perfection while leading the market in environmental responsibility. It is composed of the highest grade ingredients obtainable. We utilize custom ground dispersions, European pigments, and advanced binders which allow for an unbelievably soft and thin feel, and unrivaled vibrancy and opacity.

In addition to our OKEO-Tex Passport Certification we also use humectants with health hazard ratings of category 2 & 4 in place of the hazardous and toxic Tetra-Ethylene and Diethylene Glycols commonly found in Chinese manufactured DTF inks. 

TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Ink is a highly pigmented ultra premium DTF ink which offers competitive advantages not seen with other DTF inks. We believe that quality is simply all that matters. Now that transfer costs are at their all time lowest, customers are now beginning to expect premium quality and want to know the transfer company they choose is environmentally responsible.

The future you hope DTF becomes is happening today at TexPro… Ultra premium inks at $77.50 per Liter, integrated tech support by the most advanced DTF inkjet technicians, 100% recyclable DTF transfer paper, tin-free TPU powders? Yes, yes and yes, but we’re just getting started.

Unlike other DTF ink suppliers who are simply not proud of their product, we provide FREE sample swatch packs so you can see and feel the exact ink you’re installing in your printer before you install it – on a variety of different fabrics!

TexPro is changing the DTF narrative by pairing with companies in the apparel printing industry that pride themselves in perfection and environmental responsibility, such as CadLink/Fiery and Lane Seven Apparel, to assure TexPro inks are designed from the ground up to work with the best software and fabrics.

TexPro DTF Ink Specs

TexPro DTF Ink Specifications

Order TexPro DTF Ink

Click here to visit the TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Ink product page for specs and ordering.

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TexPro is the highest grade DTF ink on the market, but don’t take our word, drop us your address for a FREE TexPro Swatch Pack so you can see AND feel the application of TexPro DTF ink on different fabrics.

For inkjet technicians. By inkjet technicians.

Vibrancy + Opacity + Feel = TexPro

The TexPro 8550 DTF Printer

Did you know you can now achieve TexPro perfection on a MAC for $2,750?

At TexPro we decided it would be a fun project to erase the lengthy and expensive DTF learning curve. By pairing TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Inks, TPU Powder, Film, and CadLink DF v11 with our TexPro 8550 – a 13″ DX10 based 1440x1440dpi DTF printer – you can now replicate our high resolution transfers.

TexPro has been primarily focused on ink, film, and powder development for i3200 and i1600 roll-to-roll DTF systems, but decided to take a new angle with our latest project. The mission was offering first time DTF printers a solution that requires ZERO calibration and allows for TexPro perfection on your very first print. With a custom CadLink driver and queue settings paired exactly to TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Ink, you can print transfers with the exact system we use to print our eye catching samples, within MINUTES of setup, with ZERO calibration.

With TexPro, your buying a printer with software that has been spec’d exactly for our inks. No more late night tech support calls from “inkjet technicians” who give you the run around. With TexPro, your printer, media, and software were designed specifically for our inks and we provide integrated support from techs who understand real world application and are running your identical setup.

TexPro has changed the DTF narrative by pairing with companies in the apparel printing industry that pride themselves in perfection and environmental responsibility, such as CadLink/Fiery and Lane Seven Apparel, to assure TexPro inks are designed from the ground up to work with the best software and fabrics. This allows for full customization of layering, white undercoating, and processing features that are not offered with Maintop, Hosonsoft, and the other cheap RIP softwares.

Built by our highly experienced textile inkjet technicians, this high resolution DTF printer has the SAME resolution as a $20,000 Mimaki TxF150 printer for 10% the cost, while featuring an automated timed white ink agitation system, and ability for manual white ink line recirculation.

Its obviously a whole lot slower than a Mimaki TxF printer, in fact there is absolutely no comparison, but speed aside we have made a printer that can compete with the absolute best, all at the lowest entry point that exists in DTF printing. This printer was developed with the thought that there is a desire for TxF quality at a price point anyone could afford. We have made this a reality, and we did so on a system that offers replacement printheads for ~$150, and dampers for ~$15!

This printer features a 250ml white ink agitation system with manual line circulation capabilities, and a 140ml per channel CMYK ink capacity.

TexPro DTF Transfers

At CO Ink Distributions, we offer high resolution (1440x1440dpi) DTF transfers powered by TexPro Ultra Premium DTF inks, film, and TPU powder.

TexPro DTF ink has a beautifully soft feel, is thin yet extremely durable, has unrivaled opacity and vibrancy, and is EKEO-Tex certified as a skin safe textile ink.

We truly believe TexPro to be the highest quality DTF ink on the market, and we are confident you will agree, because TexPro inks are proudly manufactured in North America with the highest quality European pigments and binders.

We offer this to showcase the outstanding quality of TexPro DTF ink, provide our clients with samples, and give those who are not yet DTF printers the opportunity to experience TexPro quality. Our DTF transfer pricing starts @ $0.12/sq.inch or we can connect you with one of the many printshops running TexPro DTF inks.

Our transfer printing service is for brands who require perfection, and will not settle for anything less. TexPro DTF inks, film, and TPU powder were developed congruently to take the limiting factors of quality out of the equation.

Most DTF printing companies do not use an ink of this quality, either because they are unaware that this level of quality exists at $77.50 per Liter, they care more about profit than quality, or environmental standards are not a concern of theirs.

Most companies believe an onsite inkjet technician is needed, or that using ink of this quality proves to be too high maintenance, but the truth is that although our ink requires proper recirculation, it actually requires less maintenance than Chinese DTF inks due to our ultra fine ground pigments and dispersions – we commonly see a 15-20% increase in up time and printhead longevity due to less frequent nozzle clogging.

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