This is a list of companies, some un-likely and some not, that we endorse and recommend, or use. Please note that although we have affiliation with some of these companies [ie. we either use their products or services, or sell product to], this list only consists of companies we truly whole-heartedly recommend and/or use ourselves.


One company of whose products we use ourselves, and find extremely beneficial in-house in many aspects is Real Time Pain Relief. They offer a line of completely natural instant-acting pain relief cream. Its 22+ natural ingredients, plant extracts, and low menthol creams are non-GMO, do not contain harmful chemicals such as SLS, Parabens, Acetaminophen, NSIADS, Artificial Dies, etc. that are known to cause liver and kidney damage/fa

More information on their great products, as well as a special invite only page that offers you a 75% OFF discount on their best selling products, visit the offer link below. Don't worry if your skeptical as on this page they also offer you a $1.00 + Free shipping option for 5 sample packs, but keep in mind you can only use one of their offers from this page once.

For those looking for a better discount as they become users of their products, they also have a free $15 gift card they'll offer you completely free if you email them at:

Link To Offer: Click Here


SiteGround Web Hosting is a phenomenal high-quality web hosting provider, catering to small sites and large national brand ecommerce sites alike. Their support is the best in the industry and completely free, and their interface, redundant pre-networked servers in case of a hardware failure ensuring 100% uptime, cPanel access, free site transfer to their servers, and backup/git repository systems make them a choice you won't regret; nor have we.

They offer up to 70-75% OFF your first invoice [whether a month, or multiple year invoice] via the offer link below.

Link To Offer: Click Here

To be continued...