TexPro™ DTG/DTF Ink Cartridge for Ricoh Ri1000/Ri2000 [200ml.]


TexPro™ DTG/DTF Ink Cartridge/Bag for Ricoh Ri1000/Ri2000 Printers | North American Manufactured | 200ml.

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TexPro™ DTG/DTF Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Ri1000/Ri2000 Printers | 200ml. | Available in cartridges or ink bag + chip

TexPro™ is a commercial grade North American manufactured dual use DTG / DTF textile ink, allowing you to use your Ri1000 or Ri2000 for both Direct-to-Garment and Direct-to-Film applications. TexPro Ri ink was specially developed for the Ricoh GH2220 printhead, and solves the current ink starvation and white printhead clogging issues by achieving the proper viscosities, slip velocities, and surface tension. TexPro Ri ink also has a slight excess of 2-pyrrolidone, allowing it to absorb excess fallen out pigment in the printhead micro channels that Ricoh Ri ink is notorious for leaving behind. TexPro’s white ink is a pigment rich ink that has impeccable opacity, and was engineered with advanced binders that significantly reduce pigment fallout; meaning less clogging and less frequent agitation.

Developed by a team of PhD ink development chemists, TexPro was designed with by those who understand the most important aspects of ink: binders, dispersions, pigmentation, settling, and the balance of cost vs quality. Perfect ink exists, although its cost prohibitive, so the real magic in TexPro is the perfect balance between exceptional quality and cost.

Say goodbye to monthly printhead replacements, constant white ink channel clogging, and dealing with Ricohs tech support to resolve issues their ink is causing in the first place – and will continue to cause. From an independent technicians perspective, we believe it is best utilize your warranty to fix any currently failing parts, but then to immediately switch to properly manufactured North American inks to avoid future printhead clogging issues. If you maintenance your Ri1000/Ri2000 properly, preventatively, and regularly, you can confidently print with TexPro ink with no need for premature printhead replacements.

Each TexPro Ri1000/Ri2000 ink cartridge is 200ml. – and we also offer replacement bags with a chip. Its a pain to do, but this gives you the option to save $5 per cartridge by replacing the ink bag and chip in your current cartridge.


  • Ricoh Ri1000
  • Ricoh Ri2000

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Compatible in Ricoh Ri1000 and Ri2000 Printers

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

White 1, White 2, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black


200ml. Cartridge, 200ml. Ink Bag + Chip


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