TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Film | Cold Peel | Matte | 75u (100m Roll)


TexPro Ultra Premium DTF Film | Cold Peel | Matte | 75u (100m Roll)

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TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF Film | Cold Peel | Matte | 75u | 100m Roll

TexPro™ Ultra Premium Cold Peel Matte DTF Film is a commercial grade 75u PET transfer film for DTF printing applications. It is engineered with an advanced microporous coating for optimal ink retention and provides an ultra premium matte appearance. At TexPro we don’t beleive in sacraficing quality for speed, instead this film was designed for the highest quality results at the expense of a slower release time. Hot peel film is great but if your goal is to acheive the softest hand feel and highest opacity and vibrancy, this film will truly impress you.

Developed alongside (and the preferred film) of TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF ink. This 75u PET film offers optimal ink retention for high opacity, high vibrancy applications and provides an ultra soft hand feel with a matte appearance. Most people don’t understand the correlation between film and your inks feel and appearance – but this correlation is crucial – your inks hand feel and opacity is limited by the quality of your film. The highest quality DTF transfers are achieved by pairing the highest grade DTF inks, film, and powder, and thus removing the limiting factors of your film from this equation.

TexPro™ Premium Cold Peel Matte DTF Film is available in 13″ (30cm) and 24″ (60cm) rolls which are 100m (328ft) in length.

At TexPro we have completely shattered all expectations by developing a DTF ink that is no short of a true innovation in graphic textile printing. TexPro Ultra Premium DTF ink is so soft its closest relative is silicone, pigmentation that is so high we hit a stable 87.9% white opacity, and color vibrancy and chroma that is beyond impressive yet maintains a beautiful matte appearance – and THIS is the film we use to print our outstanding TexPro DTF swatch samples for DTF Expo.


  • Micro-porous coating that is perfect for small drop 1440dpi resolution DTF applications
  • Designed to provide the softest possible hand feel at the expensive of release time
  • Increases the acheivable color vibrancy, chroma, and opacity of your DTF inks
  • Professional and beautiful matte appearance

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 6 in

12" (30cm) x 100m (328ft) Roll, 24" (60cm) x 100m (328ft) Roll


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