TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF Ink for Epson Printheads


TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF Transfer Ink | For Epson Printheads | OKEO-Tex Certified | North American Manufactured | Tetra-Ethylene Glycol Free


TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF Ink | For Epson Printheads | North American Manufactured

TexPro™ Ultra Premium DTF ink is a commercial grade Direct-To-Film ink with unrivaled color vibrancy, impeccable opacity of 87.9%, and an unbelievably soft feel that far surpasses even the most expensive OEM DTF inks on the market. TexPro White DTF ink is manufactured in North America with advanced binders, custom fine-ground dispersions and European pigments, and is EKEO-Tex certified as a skin safe textile ink.

Founded by a DTF inkjet technician and developed alongside a team of PhD ink chemists, TexPro Ultra Premium DTF ink prides itself on perfection while also leading the market in environmental responsibility. The ultra fine particle size of our pigments and dispersions allow TexPro to perform exceedingly well in high resolution DTF applications, and offers a substantial reduction in nozzle clogging.

In addition to our OKEO-Tex Passport Certification we also use humectants with health hazard ratings of Category 2 & 4 in place of the hazardous Diethylene and Tetra-Ethylene Glycols commonly found in Chinese manufactured DTF inks with health hazard ratings of Category 1 and 2. Our superior filtration and fine ground pigments contribute to a 20%+ increase in uptime and a 15%+ boost in printhead longevity.

With TexPro Ultra Premium Direct-To-Film Ink, we have completely shattered all expectations and created a DTF ink that is no short of a true innovation in graphic textile printing. Being that there is not a DTF ink that actually performs in all the ways we wish it would, we set out on a 18 month mission to change this. An ink that is so soft its closest relative is silicone, pigmentation that is so high we hit a stable 87.9% white opacity, and color vibrancy and chroma that is beyond impressive yet maintains a beautiful matte appearance – even with ultra thin layering.

TexPro Ultra Premium DTF ink is compatible in ALL Epson printhead based DTF printers with a white recirculation/agitation system.


  • Epson i3200 Printheads
  • Epson i1600 Printheads
  • Epson XP600 Printheads
  • Epson DX Series Printheads
  • All small format Epson Printheads


  • Viscosity: 3.6-6.1 mPa.s
  • Density: 1.09-1.23 g/mL
  • pH: 8.1-9.3
  • Dynamic Surface Tension: 42-51 mN/m
  • Static Surface Tension: 24-37 mN/m


  • Scaled B2B Pricing with no MOQs and free shipping from Colorado
  • OKEO-Tex Certified and Tetra-Ethylene Glycol free
  • White ink opacity of 87.9% on black fabric
  • Ultra fine custom ground European pigments and dispersions
  • Unbelievably soft hand feel with premium matte appearance
  • Outstanding color vibrancy, chroma, and stability
  • We offer white labeling, custom packaging, and wholesale pricing
  • Now available in 140ml Epson EcoTank bottles

While the DTF industry has been following the low cost / high production path these part 2 years, TexPro has been rigorously developing the highest grade ink ever to exist because we see the future of DTF. Now that transfer prices are at their all time lowest and everyone is jumping into DTF, the market is about to shift. What customers now want is premium quality, they want environmental responsibility, and they want this at a competitive price. If you plan to stick around long in the transfer industry, distinction is key.

Ask yourself.. What exactly sets your transfers apart from the rest? Are you confident you can outcompete the new wave of Mimaki TxF printers? Are you marketing your transfers as EKEO-Tex certified? Do you have side by side comparisons with your competitors transfers? Are you locking corporate accounts who will not sacrifice their brand image? Do you offer your transfers on Recyclable DTF Transfer Paper as well as PET film? Do you offer your customers the option to upgrade their transfers to ultra high grade ink, or environmentally friendly film options? Something to think about..

FREE SHIPPING within the continental U.S.

Compatible in ALL Epson printheads (i3200, i1600, XP600, DX5-DX10, small format, etc)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in

140ml. EcoTank Bottle, 250ml., 1L. (1000ml.)


White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black


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