Replacement All Black Ink Tanks for Epson 1400/1430


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[6-Pack] Replacement Black Ink Tanks for Proof Positive™, BlackMax™, or EasyFill UV45™ Epson 1400/1430 All Black Ink System

These ink tanks contain high quality Epson-specific UV blocking black dye film ink that is designed for printing film positive transparencies with impeccable quality, optical density, opacity, all while being extremely fast drying and scratch resistant.

These Replacement Black Ink Tanks are not slot specific, so they can be installed in any cartridge shell in your Proof Positive™ 1400/1430 All Black Ink System, BlackMax™ All Black Ink System, or similar two-part 1400/1430 ink tank system [See photo #2].

CO Ink Distributions is your Verified U.S. Proof Positive™ distributor.

Please Note: These are not standalone cartridges, and can only be used in the aforementioned All Black Ink Systems [See 2nd Photo].

If you are interested in quantity discounts or wholesale pricing, or are looking for individual replacement components or product variants not shown on our site or ebay store, please inquire with us directly.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions, we are open 7 days a week. Our support is exceedingly knowledgeable, and we do not provide unsettling hold music; instead we connect you directly with a technician.


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Proof Positive™


Proof Positive™ All Black Ink System [EasyFill UV45™, or BlackMax™ All Black Ink Kit, or similar two-part 1400/1430 ink tank system [See photo #2]


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