Pink Piezo Printhead Cleaning Solution for Epson


Pink Piezo Printhead Cleaning Solution for Epson printers + printheads | Made in U.S. | Free Limited Tech Support


Commercial Strength Pink Piezo Printhead Cleaning Solution for ALL Epson Printers + Printheads

This commercial grade printhead cleaning solution is specifically formulated for applications where typical cleaning solutions are not strong enough to break through and dissolve dried ink. Its unique 2-pyrrolidone formulation has a bright vivid pink color that makes it possible to identify clogs on a nozzle check printout prior to reinstalling ink. This is not possible with non-commercial grade Clear/Blue solutions. Its unrivaled strength makes it a crucial component to any serious printing operation, and its vivid color eliminates the unnecessary expense and waste of accidentally installing ink before the head is functioning perfectly.

Epson printers have TFP (Thin Film Piezo) Printheads, because of this it is absolutely vital to have a precise viscosity and use specific chemicals to assure the proper balance of flow resistance and pigment uptake. Unlike other cleaning solutions on the market, this is NOT a combined Cleaning + Flushing/Storage solution. This is because when designing a flushing solution, the specs are the exact opposite than those required in a cleaning solution. If you can see through the bottle, take a wild guess at why; H20. Although it is obviously a required component, in the right formulations H20 should be both limited to its lowest necessary percentage, and 6-Stage RO/DI Filtered.

Brilliantly developed, part of this solution is un-pigmented ink base, so after it dissolves and breaks down the excess/built up pigment fallout, it actually reincorporates it back into solution. This formula is used by technicians to clean Epson printheads when a nozzle check printout shows broken, incomplete, or faded lines; indicating blocked nozzles. It is also used for cleaning the capping station, wiper blade, seals, over-print pads, and ink system; all of which impact the performance, accuracy, and capability of your printhead when neglected.

At CO Ink Distributions we consider cleaning these areas on a monthly basis an absolute must. Upon request, will provide you with prn purge files for your exact Epson model, our radial-opacity/color-sat gradient document, and even a copy of our Epson Preventative Maintenance checklist, the same documents we provide to the printshop managers of top U.S. printing companies. The reason for this, contrary to the forum myths, is because the leading cause of Epson printhead clogs is a capping station that is not forming an airtight seal with the face of the TFP printhead; often caused by small debris on seal perimeter. Don’t fix the issue, but neglect the root cause and expect different results.

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