TexPro White DTF Ink System for Epson Eco-Tank Printers (ET-8550, etc.)


Epson EcoTank DTF Ink Conversion System by TexPro | Convert your Epson ET-8550 printer to DTF ink with this digital white ink integration system

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This TexPro DTF ink system allows you to run pigment rich ink, such as DTF ink, in an Epson EcoTank printer (ie. an ET-8550).

Featuring an external 250ml white ink agitation/integration system on a digital timer, an inline white DTF ink filter, and paired white ink lines – you can now be sure your ink is fully integrated before entering your printhead.

This system allows you to run the highest quality, pigment rich direct-to-film ink on the market while maintaining white ink quality/opacity. Higher quality inks contain more pigment, and therefor are prone to quicker fallout, but with a mechanic stirrer on an automatic timer, you can make sure your ink is always in perfect suspension.

By fully integrating, and then pulling your ink through a high-flow inline micron pre-filter spec’d for white DTF ink, this takes a huge burden off your damper system; yet it provides the high flow rate required for high-speed / high-res bi-directional printing.


This system features (2x) 2mm ID ink lines, which connect directly to your Epson ET-8550 dampers.

Compatibility: This system was designed for an Epson ET-8550, but it can be easily modified to work with any small format Epson printer. The ink lines are 2mm ID tubing, so assuming your printer has 2mm damper ports, this system is compatible.


Installation: Installation of the system is very simple, it comes pre-built, so all you have to do is disconnect the current white ink lines from your dampers and connect the 2 ink system lines. Position reservoir, set integration timer, prime with ink, welcome to the world of ultra premium DTF ink in an Epson EcoTank printer!


If you’d like this ink system spec’d for a model other than an Epson ET-8550, contact us and we can modify it for you. All this requires is altering the tube length, and possibly adjusting the diameter of adapter.

Epson ET-8550 (Although this system can be modified for almost any small format Epson printer)

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