UV-Blocking Black Dye Film Positive Ink [For Epson Printers]



UV-Blocking High Opacity Black Dye Film Positive Ink For Epson Printers + Printheads

Our Commercial Grade UV-Blocking High Opacity Black Dye Film Ink is the absolute highest quality film positive output ink available for Epson printers + printheads. This ink has an exceedingly high max optical density, outstanding quality, features the latest in UV blocking technology, and yet dries very quickly. This allows for crisp, sharp lines, and scratch resistant commercial-grade prints when output on professional quality waterproof transparency film.

For businesses who are not willing to compromise on quality, and are looking for UV-Blocking High Opacity Black Dye Film Ink that is Epson-specific and dries quick enough to take advantage of the impeccable detail their Epson printhead is capable of, look no further.

Don’t order inferior cheap retail ink hoping to lower your ink costs, as with our high opacity ink you will require less ink to achieve the same optical density, which in turn will actually reduce your ink costs, while also producing higher quality film positive prints!



  • Designed for use in All Epson Printers and Epson Printheads [Including commercial wide-format Epson printheads such as the DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7/+]

Ink Grade + Specs:

  • Commercial-Grade Black Dye Film Ink
  • Ultra-High Opacity + Ink Density
  • Utilizes the most advanced UV-Blocking Technology
  • Unrivaled Max. O.D. [A Max Optical Density above 4.7 means a single properly laid ink coat reflects and absorbs over 99.99% of all light]
  • Can be used with or without RIP Software! [Although it is highly recommended for printing half-tones, pulling equally from all ink channels, and to calibrate your printheads ink droplet size and coating thickness]
  • Dye-Based Ink designed specifically for Epson printers + printheads [Such as DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7/+ and is also compatible with printers fitted with multiple printheads]
  • Specialized for optimal adhesion onto commercial-quality waterproof transparency film, allowing for sharp, crisp prints that are resistant to scratches

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Compatible in ALL Epson Printers

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For use in ALL Epson Inkjet Printers


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