Privacy and security are very important to us at CO Ink Distributions. We take every precaution to provide our customers with a safe and secure online environment, from payment processing to the way your information is protected and handled.

We strictly follow our Privacy Policy, and go above and beyond to protect your privacy and information [sensitive or otherwise] as we would want ours to be protected. Thus, we do not sell, or share our customers, or anyone else's information under any circumstance except when they explicitly request for us to do so. Your satisfaction and comfort is our goal, so we employ an opt-in environment, where you will only receive order-related emails [order and shipment confirmation emails]. In order to receive promotional emails and newsletters, you must first subscribe to our Exclusive Promotions + Updates newsletter and then proceed to activate your newsletter subscription.

We use cookies to provide you with a more user friendly experience way. Often their only use to us is for optimizing our customers experience, such as offers when you leave our page. Since cookies are an important part of basic internet privacy, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with how cookies work, and adjust your browsers privacy settings to match your personal preferences. Your preferences are always honored, and in most cases you can specify your cookie and privacy preferences on a per website basis in your browsers privacy settings.

All payments and sensitive information are processed directly through PayPal's highly secure servers for maximum security, privacy, and fraud protection.

At CO Ink Distributions we take internet privacy and the new GDPR policies very seriously, and take pride in going the extra stride to assure you will always feel comfortable doing business with us.

Our entire site is HTTPS secured

Our SSL Certificate is always up-to-date

Our site is on private/dedicated IP address

All information processed on our site, sensitive or otherwise, is processed through a direct, highly secure connection.

We do not share our customers, or anyone else's information we have access to, with anyone.