International Shipping

Package Forwarding

At this time, we do not offer direct international shipping, and only ship to destinations within the United States and its Territories. We may eventually offer this feature, but at the time have noticed there are more user friendly options available, that offer additional benefits.

For a more user friendly, timely, and transparent experience, we suggest using a "Package Forwarder", which provides you with a US address to use during checkout [which we will ship to completely free of cost], and then they quickly handle shipping the package to you. They also offer services such as a free 45 day package hold allowing you to purchase from multiple US companies, and having them consolidate your shipment into one package to reduce your shipping costs.

Package Forwarders

Stackry is a very highly appraised and high quality service that embodies the aforementioned features and benefits, yet has some of the most reasonable costs in the industry. There are also plenty of independent package forwarders, But Stackry is an extremely high quality FREE service with no hidden costs, free 45 day package holding, package consolidation, etc. so you can buy from multiple US sites, have them shipped to your unique US provided address, and then even for small fees have some put them all together in one package, or even repack them into one.

The best part is we are happy to provide you with a free Discount Code that gives you $10 OFF your first shipment transaction with them to give them a try.

Use Referral Code: 7176704 or click the banner below and on the signup page the referral code will be filled out automatically.