Have an STS XPD-724 or Mutoh 628D DTF printer?

Sick of being forced into expensive 500ml cartridges just to use subpar STS DTF ink?
Are you experiencing pigment fallout and frequent clogging?
Is your frequent ink bag agitation leading to septum failure?
Looking for Mutoh Smart Cards?

We have the highest quality North American mnfg’d White DTF ink on the market for STS XPD-724 and Mutoh 628D Printers!

We have you covered…

  • 1kg TexPro Ink Bags
  • 1 Liter Smart Cards
  • Mutoh Septums
Give us a call or enter your email address below if your interested in lowering your DTF ink cost, switching to a higher quality DTF ink in 1000ml bags, buying replacement Mutoh septums, or Smart Cards.