Order Financing

Valued Customer Financing

As you build up an order history with us, and deem yourself / your business as a valued and trusted customer, we will begin to offer you credit-check free in-house 0% ARP financing.

Forming a mutual relationship with your company that allows you to lower your ink costs, take advantage of our quantity discounts, and always have the ink and supplies you need to fulfill your orders is important to us, as it empowers your company's growth and success; which is inherently tied to ours.

Our financing is solely based off of your history with us. An example would be 50% upfront / 50% Net 10. This gives you the opportunity to pay for half of your order total now, and half within 10 days of the date of delivery.

There are no late fees, but it affects your history with us, which dictates your ability to be financed and your available credit we will offer you. Essentially we give you one chance, and see how you treat us; if we are taken advantage of in any manner, or we see your not on top of your account, paying late, etc. we will cease financing you; and if your account is long past due and we can not get a hold of you to pay your dues, it will affect your credit as it will be reported to the credit agencies

We treat others how we would like to be treated, and if this is returned, we can form a mutual relationship that can greatly benefit your business.


We furthermore recommend using PayPal Credit during Checkout; as they offer the ability to finance your purchase and manage them via your PayPal account.

Checking out with PayPal Credit is simple. During checkout choose "Credit/Debit Card or PayPal" as your payment option, and submit your order. You can then click the "PayPal Credit" button where you will be prompted to login to finalize your order.